Past symposia


Symposium 'Using videos for research in health psychology', October 6, 2016

Why this symposium?

Videos have thus far been developed for different purposes within the field of health psychology. Examples are videos to convey health information to patients, to influence health behaviors or to test the effect of physician-patient communication on patient outcomes. However, numerous methodological choices in the development of these videos may influence the impact or effectiveness of interventions or manipulations. There is presently little evidence about optimal methodological choices in video development. Therefore, the main goal of this symposium was to share knowledge and experience regarding the development of video for research by both the film industry as well as health psychology researchers.

A summary of the day can be found here.

More information?

After the presentations there was plenty room for discussion and the afternoon was concluded with an informal market which offered the opportunity for researchers to present their own work. Researchers who are interested in the content of the different presentations, can request the slides by sending an e-mail to Marij Hillen: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..        



Panel discussion “Supporting Health by Technology”, May 27, 2016

Past decades have shown an exponential growth in the amount of data that is digitally collected and stored. This exponential growth of data is associated with the upcoming science of big data management.

By linking a patient’s personal data to a person’s clinical data, new insights can be obtained to tailor the feedback, treatment, and coaching purposes to the needs of patients even better, paving the way towards real personalized healthcare. However, though this seems to be a promising development, it raises some questions as well.

For instance, A) Should people who live measurably healthy have the right on a lower health insurance contribution?, B) Is the implementation of big data in health care is a technical or a cultural challenge?, and C) Should physicians be able to understand the reasoning behind algorithms to be able to work with them?

These and other inspiring questions on personalized healthcare and persuasive coaching were vividly discussed during the successful 7th edition of the conference “Supporting Health by Technology” on May 27, 2016.