Each calendar year a budget is available for funding a maximum of three symposia, with a maximum of €750 for each symposium. Eligible symposia cover themes important for researchers in psychology and health, are open to all ARPH members, and explicitly recognize the ARPH as (co-)sponsor of the symposium.

The ARPH-board decides per proposal whether or not it will be awarded. This decision is also dependent on the remaining budget in relation to previously awarded symposia in that calendar year. Proposals have to be submitted at least two weeks before one of the board meetings. The dates of the upcoming board meetings are listed below. The board will inform applicants within two weeks after the meeting. The proposed symposium needs to be scheduled no sooner than three months after the board meeting to allow for appropriate advertisement.

Please mention in the proposal:

After the symposium has taken place, a report of the symposium has to be handed in. This report entails the following information:


Proposals for symposia to be funded as well as the evaluation reports can be submitted to the secretary of ARPH. Currently, this is Catharine Evers (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).